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Are you thinking to get your outdoor patio build? Maybe you are shopping for patio transformation ideas or patio extension? If so, this article will help you understand how to design, and color coordinate your patio for the best visual appeal. 

We are Outdoor paver patio builder, that have been building outdoor patios since 2019. Our extensive experience will help you understand Step by step process of getting your patio built.

Let’s starts with basics, to build your patio, you need to know what you can and what you cannot do at your property. Believe it or not, some communities have very strict HOA while others might not have any HOA or any restrictions. 

Step 1: Reach out to your HOA and request HOA guidelines for outdoor patio construction. If you do not have HOA, I recommend reaching out to your city building department and request any information regarding outdoor patio construction in your zone;

Once you have those guidelines you will have better understanding on the sizes, colors, shapes, and contractor requirement for your project. Now it is time for you to think about what you would like to have in your backyard, look up inspirational pictures and create an idea of the completed project. This will help tremendously once you start searching for contractor:

Step 2: Explore different ideas of backyard designs, shapes, colors;

Now you would be looking for contractor in your area, the best advise we would give you is to research your local companies, that have reputable rating, website, and gallery of completed projects. HINT: it will be beneficial to do your own research on the pricing for your project, example: pricing of concrete pad in my area, paved patio cost in my area and etc. 

Step 3: Contact your local contractors and set up estimate

Share your ideas with contractor and ask for their advice, share information regarding your HOA or city requirements (if any). Your contractors will be able to help you design your patio to best optimize your outdoor space. For instance, your property might be on the hill, your contract should be able to tell you the best way to approach the slope height. 

Step 4: Compare pricing between contractors. Ask questions of what is included, what materials options you have, what are the warranties and what is contractor availability;

Once you have the answers to your questions, the pricing (maybe drawings), decide on the design and color options for your patio. It is best to coordinate colors with your exterior, as it will be visually appealing to have similar color choices on your patio against your exterior: for example, if you have bright red brick exterior it is best to build patio in warmer tones (ea. Brown, beige, softer red colors) vs. if you have grey or dark colored exterior it goes best with neutral tones ( ea. Grey, mix of beige with grey, black with light grey). Coordinate colors for any other additions you might be building – firepit, sitting walls, grills and etc. 

Step 5: Select your materials and colors for patio

Let your contractor built the patio. We always advice to not do last minute changes after your final design, while some changes does not intervene with construction, majority does and it might significantly delay your construction, increase your cost and possibly mismatch your design (due to color differences in the same materials). 

Step 6: Sit back relax and have your contractor build patio for you;

Once you have your patio built it is time to decorate your patio, select furniture that fits your patio and complements it. For instance if you have warmer tones patio try to use some light green cushions for the sitting areas vs. darker blue if you have grey tones patio. We also recommend adding some greenery in the pots or around the patio for instant visual appeal

Step 7: Decorate your patio and coordinate colors for the best visual appeal.

Lastly enjoy you newly built patio as much as you can. 

We hope this information will help you design and build your future paved patio.


MARCH 2024

When to Build Your Dream Paver Patio: Finding the Perfect Season

A beautiful paver patio can be the heart of your outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the fresh air. But before you dive into picking out paver styles and furniture, it's important to consider the timing of your project. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of building a paver patio in each season:


  • Pros: Ideal temperatures for working outdoors, comfortable for both you and the crew. The ground is usually stable after winter frost melts.

  • Cons: Busy season for contractors, potentially longer wait times and higher prices. Spring showers can cause delays or affect the curing process of the base materials.


  • Pros: Long days for maximizing work hours. Perfect time to envision how you'll use the patio in warmer weather.

  • Cons: Hot and humid conditions can be uncomfortable for workers, potentially impacting installation quality. Similar to spring, summer is a peak season for contractors, leading to scheduling challenges.


  • Pros: Generally pleasant temperatures for working outdoors. Less busy time for contractors, potentially shorter wait times and better deals.

  • Cons: There's a chance of encountering wet weather that could delay construction. Plants may be dormant, making it easier to avoid root damage, but consider if you want to enjoy your patio before winter.

Winter (in mild climates):

  • Pros: Off-season scheduling means quicker availability and potentially lower costs for contractors. The ground is frozen and less susceptible to movement, which can be beneficial for the base.

  • Cons: Winter weather can disrupt construction in some areas. Working in cold conditions can slow down the process

Finding the Right Time for You:

The ideal time to build your paver patio depends on your priorities and climate. If you prioritize enjoying your patio right away and live in a mild climate, even winter construction might be an option.

For the most comfortable working conditions and a chance to cure the base material in ideal temperatures, early spring is a great choice. Fall offers a good balance between pleasant weather and contractor availability.

Tips for Any Season:

  • Plan ahead: Get quotes from contractors early, even if your desired build date is a few months out.

  • Consider the weather: Be flexible with your schedule in case of unexpected rain or cold snaps.

  • Communicate with your contractor: Discuss your project timeline and any concerns you have about seasonal conditions.

By carefully considering the pros and cons of each season, you can choose the best time to build your paver patio and ensure a smooth, successful project. With a little planning, you'll be enjoying your beautiful outdoor space in no time!

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